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CRM is the defining toll on converting digital leads. Plain English - If you master the CRM you can see 40+% conversion rates. If you "wing it" you will see 4-5% conversion rates. We get you are busy. That's why the videos below are short and to the point. 


Before you can get leads you will need to be certified in the CRM. The test is 13 questions. 3 of them are your name, email, and national producer number. Leaving 10 questions about using the CRM. Should only take you 4-5 minutes to complete. You need to get an 80%.  Here is the testing link - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/82KJNYR.

Welcome to MOMMA

Using the pipeline for skills development - Make more money!

1. Digital Leads Expectation

2. **DO NOT SKIP** Sync Calendar - Set your Availability

3. Download the mobile app

4. Sending Video Reminders in the mobile App

5. Log into the CRM

6. Opportunity tab - Pipeline stages

7. Opportunity tab - Two ways to view a lead/record

8. Opportunity tab - Three columns inside a lead/record

9. Opportunity tab - Lead record quick view

10. Opportunity tab - SMS/Text -email-phone calls

11. Opportunity tab - Moving a lead/record

12. Conversations Text/SMS - email - cal

13. What the system is texting in the first 60-seconds

14. How To Use The Texting Scripts Templates Inside The CRM


How/Where Do I Buy Leads????

How to calculate compounding interest in the illustration (Infinite Banking)