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Trust, consistency, life-changing, grateful, etc. We have heard all these words before, but why are leads not mentioned when we talk about a good sales system? Here at Razor Ridge Leads, you can find exclusive leads, generated and delivered in real-time coupled with first-to-market lead-nurturing CRM sales systems with live coaching from industry-leading sales professionals. Why not work with the originating innovators in the insurance lead and lead nurturing space?


Lead Nurturing
Leads generate and deliver 24/7, you can't possibly work 24/7, but our technology can.

Mobile Friendly
Access your business from any internet-connected device. 


Our proprietary lead nurturing system was built & optimized in the field by agents for agents.

Easy to Use
Built by agents for agents, also means our training and systems are designed to get you moving quickly & efficiently. 

Free For Lead Clients
The M.O.M.M.A. CRM is free to clients *you only pay the communication costs.


Live Twice a Week Coaching Calls
Your success is our success. Don't struggle, digital leads work differently

Interactive Lead Level Coaching
Open up your CRM and get lead conversion training at the lead level

Recorded & Archived 
Don't miss a single training with our library of recorded coaching calls.

All-in-one System
Never leave the CRM. Notes, texting, archives, doc uploads, FIF, all onsite. 

Watch How We Trai/Support Our Agents - Free Pipeline Training

Take the guesswork out of scaling your insurance agency. 

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Exclusive General Life Leads Delivered in real-time



Exclusive IUL Leads Delivered in real-time

Exclusive Debt-Free Life Leads Delivered in real-time

Exclusive Infinite Banking (IBC) Leads Delivered in real-time

Exclusive Annuity Leads Delivered in real-time


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